Abstracted Landscapes

I am a resident of the greater Vancouver area and since arriving here, I am continually in awe of the freshness and lushness of this beautiful locale.  It is swollen with rich texture and colour within its mountainous terrain, varied plant life and open seas.

I have decided to explore the landscape genre for the first time in an abstract manner as a way of becoming more closely acquainted with my new environment.  In this series I  work from an intuitive understanding of my surroundings allowing for an abstract interpretation to result naturally and personally.

My methods combined are working outdoors intuitively as I experience the landscape through all the senses.  My studio process involves layering techniques incorporating photo collage, collaged bits of past paintings on paper, oil and encaustic; creating dense, sculpted three dimensional forms and an overlapping internal depth of space.  I am interested in achieving flowing movement and a naturalistic surface texture to generate an intense tactile experience of the forms that create the landscape in nature and my colour choices are more arbitrary in keeping with the intuitive abstract process.